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Raising Individuals on the Spectrum with Encouragement and Support

Autism Support Group for Parents of Teens and Young Adults

Raising a teen and young adult living with ASD may be challenging at times,

so it's not surprising that many parents feel stressed and isolated. 

This support group focuses on the teen and young adult with ASD and offers a safe environment where participants can talk with like-minded peers,

share similar issues and concerns, and celebrate successes.

The group's mission is to provide an opportunity for families living with ASD to establish and develop connections with the same group of individuals so that they can navigate the spectrum together.

If you are interested in the joining the group, please contact us.

This group is co-sponsored by Kerry McCaslin of Whidbey Homeopathic and

Carina Hopen of Tiny Jade Inspirations & Inspired Wellness.

The founders of these two organizations have different experiences living with ASD, but the common thread between the two of them is that it can be frustrating and challenging being an advocate for your child as there are many barriers and headwinds along the way.  Kerry and Carina were inspired to coordinate a support group to help other parents navigate the spectrum with more ease.

Support Group: About
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Kerry and Carina have created this group from the perspectives of mamas of kids on the spectrum.  They are all about being simple and having realistic and relevant action steps that will help teens with ASD confidently transition to adulthood

Meeting date:  Thursday, May 25 at 6:00 PM, 720 SE Pioneer Way, Oak Harbor, WA

Here are some of the initial group objectives that will support the goal:

  • Provide a safe and supportive place with like-minded people to just "vent." 

  • Share conscious parenting tips to improve teen-parent communication 

  • Share experiences and strategies to help facilitate the IEP process

  • Invite guest experts on ASD to help parents brain storm next step strategies for to improve school and home behavior

  • Invite adults with ASD to provide their perspective on growing up with the disorder and how they navigate adulthood

  • There's more on the horizon....

Support Group: Welcome
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